Biosphere, dir. Mel Eslyn

„Biosphere” with Mark Duplass included in the festival’s program

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Mark Duplass deserves an honorary star passport at the American Film Festival. As the undisputed king of American independent cinema (who at the same time can deftly flirt with Hollywood) he has appeared in festival films both as an actor ( including Your Sister’s Sister, Safety Not Guaranteed, Language Lessons) and director (Jeff, Who Lives at Home). His mere presence on screen momentarily brings a smile to one’s face, improves circulation, and restores faith in a better tomorrow, regardless of the film’s genre. We are therefore very pleased to announce that during the 14th American Film Festival (November 7-12) we will showcase his latest work – Biosphere, directed by Mel Eslyn. Duplass shares the screen with the equally exceptional Sterling K. Brown.

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What a beautiful (and wild) end of the world or Sexmission[1] in American fashion

Mark Duplass seems to understand that we're more than happy to see him on screen and don’t need much else to be happy. This was the case in the 12th American Film Festival hit, Language Lessons, where Mark practically never leaves the screen. Mel Eslyn, a long-time collaborator of the Duplass brothers and producer of many of their films, now steps into the director’s chair and utilizes this potential with great efficiency. She places Mark in a confined space, joined by just one more actor, the outstanding Sterling K. Brown (known for Waves and American Fiction, recently honored at the Toronto Film Festival). The whole story unfolds in a unique setting, allowing for comedic and abstract reflections.

A near-dystopian future with almost all of humanity extinct. In this desolate landscape, the President (Duplass) and his advisor (Sterling), the culprits behind the catastrophe, find themselves confined to a capsule with a self-sustaining ecosystem that allows them to survive after the environmental disaster. As the last female fish in their aquarium dies, the remaining inhabitants adapt by developing the ability to procreate, leading the two men to explore creative and unconventional sexual (and other) behaviors. Sexmission?

The script not only justifies Mark’s frequent presence in the frame but also delivers humorous dialogues and concepts that will elicit both bursts of laughter and plenty of surprises.

* * *

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll unveil additional program details, with the full program scheduled for release on October 24th. Starting the following day, you can purchase individual tickets for festival screenings.

[1] Sexmission (1984) is a science fiction comedy directed by Juliusz Machulski. The film is set in a dystopian future and has become a classic of Polish cinema.

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