McCabe and Mrs. Miller

Robert Altman, USA, Canada 1971, 121’
MASH Thieves Like Us

It’s 1902 and mysterious rider John McCabe arrives at Presbyterian Church settlement. The village is growing in prosperity, as the inhabitants live off the nearby zinc mine. Sensing economic opportunity, McCabe endeavors to set up the town’s first house of ill repute.

Rafał Syska

Robert Altman

Distinguished director, screenwriter and producer Robert Altman was born in 1925 and died in 2006 having made several dozen cinema and television films. The breakthrough in his career came with the anti-war satire MASH, in which he presented a community in typical Altman style that characterises his very best work – based on episodic narration and innovative montage of image and sound. Altman often uses irony to show how society’s traditional roles, social conventions and cultural myths condition people.

Selected filmography

1970 MASH

1975 Nashville

1977 Trzy kobiety / 3 Women

1992 Gracz / The Player

1993 Na skróty / Short Cuts

2001 Gosford Park

Cast & Crew

director Robert Altman
screenplay Robert Altman, Brian McKay (based on the novel by Edmund Naughton)
cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond
editing Lou Lombardo
music Leonard Cohen (songs)
cast Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, René Auberjonois, Shelley Duvall, Michael Murphy, John Schuck, Corey Fischer, Bert Remsen, Hugh Millais, Manfred Schulz, Keith Carradine, William Devane
producer Mitchell Brower, David Foster
production David Foster Productions, Warner Bros.
sales Warner Bros.
language English, Cantonese
coloration colour
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