Warm Blood

Rick Charnoski, USA 2022, 86’
European premiere
The Year Between Way Out Ahead of Us

1988, Modesto, California. We get to know this land thanks to television news, the diary of a teenager and Christopher Blauvelt’s 16 mm photographs, which make Warm Blood both a retro- and futuro-warning against social and climatic destruction.

Remember Piper?” Red (Haley Isaacson) asks in “Warm Blood,” expecting you to know. You’ve only just met her in the parking lot of the River Road Market in Modesto, and while Red, always on the run, isn’t about to waste much time herself catching you up in Rick Charnoski’s nobly transgressive narrative debut, the director is more generous as Piper proceeds to beat her up, flooding the screen with a montage that’s just as violent of the years when the two young women were once friends, suggesting the two fell out after Piper had seduced Red’s father (or just as likely, the other way around) and now, Piper has one last piece of ammunition against her, asking her where he is now.

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Adam Kruk

Rick Charnoski

Rick Charnowski is an American director, producer and filmmaker, as well as an actor (including in Larry Clark's Paranoid Park). He came into the world as Erik Phillip Charnoski and quickly began to skateboard, which became his passion. Then, he became interested in a documentary film and created several works devoted to skateboarding culture, as well as features, as evidenced by the experimental Warm Blood screened at the Seattle International Film Festival.


2002 Fruit of the Wine

2003 Northwest

2008 Deathbowl to Downtown

2009 Blood Shed (short)

2022 Warm Blood

Cast & Crew

director Rick Charnoski
screenplay Rick Charnoski, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, James Hewison
cinematography Christopher Blauvelt
editing Rick Charnoski
music Josh Landau, Eliminator Music
cast Haley Isaacson, Ryan Toothman, John Veit, Andy Roy, David Deery
producer Stephen Fitzgibbon, Rick Charnoski, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, James Hewison, Coan Nichols
production Curious Film Limited, Six Stair Films, Flood Projects
sales Factory 25
language English, Spanish
coloration colour
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