Way Out Ahead of Us

Rob Rice, USA 2022, 88’
Polish premiere
Warm Blood Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying

Seventeen-year-old Cassie dreams of fleeing her impoverished California desert town and heading to LA. She is supported by her father, who hides that he is seriously ill. Rice’s debut, filmed with non-professional actors, paints a harsh portrait, though not devoid of tenderness, of a community the world has forgotten.

The story follows in the footsteps of direct cinema with its moving camera and sketches as though caught on the fly. In this well-known setting of poor, white America, with games of pool and broken down cars and dismantled caravans as décor, the drama weaves a generous tale before our eyes, giving substance to this society of the invisible so often represented in clichés. Far from being judgmental or sensational, Rob Rice takes care of each of his characters. Assisted by this little troupe, a community united by the film, Rice portrays destinies caught in the ordinariness of life and its pitfalls.


Mariusz Mikliński

Rob Rice

Rob Rice is a director from Massachusetts. Prior to pursuing film, he completed his studies in Neurobiology and Genetic Engineering. His work explores politics and catastrophe. Way Out Ahead of Us was produced by Matt Porterfield, who is familiar to AFF audiences. The film had its world premiere in the FIDMarseille festival competition in 2022.


2022 Wyjście jest tuż przed nami / Way Out Ahead of Us

Cast & Crew

director Rob Rice
screenplay Rob Rice
cinematography Alexey Kurbatov
editing Rob Rice
music Colyn Cameron
cast Nikki DeParis, Tracy Staggs, Mark Staggs, Jacob R. Young
producer Matthew Porterfield, Mark Staggs, Rob Rice, Rui Xu
production Hamilton Film Group
sales Robert Rice
language English
coloration colour
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