Rudy Valdez, USA 2023, 87’
Polish premiere
Another Body Chasing Chasing Amy

Carlos Santana in his own words. The groundbreaking guitarist expounds on his youth, career, inspirations, and the pitfalls awaiting a young man dreaming of rock stardom at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. Santana’s solo narrative is backed by never-before-seen archival footage.

‘Carlos’ Review: A Portrait of Carlos Santana Revels in His Musical Life Force (Variety)

Jakub Demiańczuk

Rudy Valdez

New York director, producer and cinematographer Rudy Valdez makes documentaries focusing on social and political problems and their relationships with culture and sport. His full-length debut, The Sentence, dedicated to a sister imprisoned for drug trafficking, won Emmys and audience awards at the Sundance and Montclair festivals. Valdes worked as a lecturer at the Ghetto Film School in Los Angeles.


2018 The Sentence

2018 Special Olympics: 50 Years of Changing the Game

2021 To my: Brooklyn Saints / We Are the Brooklyn Saints (TV Series)

2021 Make Him Known (short)

2021 Through Our Eyes (TV Series)

2021 Breakaway

2021 Spóźniona premiera / Reopening Night

2023 Carlos 

Cast & Crew

director Rudy Valdez
screenplay Rudy Valdez
cinematography Rudy Valdez
editing Viridiana Lieberman
music Carlos Santana
cast Carlos Santana
producer Sara Bernstein, Leopoldo Gout, Ashley Kahn, Liz Morhaim, Sam Pollard, Rudy Valdez, Justin Wilkes
production Imagine Documentaries, Sony Music Entertainment
sales UIP
language English, Spanish
coloration colour
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