The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution

Ondi Timoner, USA 2023, 102’
European premiere

They are young, cool and not afraid to take risks. The world of big finance holds no secrets for them. ”New Americans” trade cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and millions of dollars, where investing is a challenge for them, not a job. Do they live in a new, better world, or in the great American illusion?

‘The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution’ Review: A Heady Documentary Looks at How Stock Trading Turned Into a ‘Rebellious’ Addiction (Variety)

Jakub Demiańczuk

Ondi Timoner

A renowned director, screenwriter and documentary producer, Ondi Timoner graduated from Yale University, where in 1992 she founded the independent theater group Yale Street Theater Troupe, specializing in spontaneous performances in urban space. Ondi founded the Interloper Films production company. Winner of many film awards, including the Jury Award at the Sundance Festival for Dig! and We Live in Public. For Last Flight Home, about the final days of her father's life, she won an Emmy Award and was on the Oscar shortlist for best documentary.

Selected filmography

1994 The Nature of the Beast

2000 Sound Affects

2004 Dig!

2007 Join Us

2009 Wszystko na widoku / We Live in Public

2010 Cool It

2014 Amanda F***ing Palmer on the Rocks

2015 Brand: A Second Coming

2018 Mapplethorpe

2020 Coming Clean

2022 Last Flight Home

2023 Nowi Amerykanie. Gra w rewolucję / The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution 

Cast & Crew

director Ondi Timoner
screenplay Ondi Timoner
cinematography Skyler Knutzen, Ray Whitehouse
editing Jesse Gordon, Ondi Timoner
music Morgan Doctor
producer Ondi Timoner, David Turner, Joe Berlinger, James Packer, Bahman Naraghi, Kasia Neiman
production RatPac Documentary Films, Interloper Films, Third Eye Motion Picture Company
sales Paramount Global
language English
coloration colour
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