Gaming culture | discussion after the 'Break the Game'

Kultura gamingowa. Spotkanie po filmie "Złamać grę"
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First, the most important facts: video games have long been not just a niche entertainment for children, but a full-fledged element of contemporary culture and art; they reach an increasingly wider audience and, above all, they have become an important element in creating (not only virtual) communities.

Break the Game shows the pros and cons of this phenomenon: how to become a gaming star, with thousands of followers cheering on one’s struggles, but also how to instantly lose fans for a reason that theoretically does not affect what we present online.

After the screening of Break the Game on Friday, November 10, at 12:45, you are welcome to join us at a talk about contemporary gaming culture, online toxicity, the issue of building a virtual image and fan communities.

The meeting will be hosted by Radek Pisula – an expert in pop culture and cinema, creator of the multimedia project Full Frontal Pisula, co-host of the Napisy końcowe podcast, one of the players on the Spalmy To! channel as well as Borys Nieśpielak – co-host of the Rock i Borys podcast, filmmaker, documentarian, photographer and film connoisseur.

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