New Civil War | conversation with Charlie Sadoff

Nowa wojna domowa. Rozmowa z Charliem Sadoffem
Literature Meetings in Proza Club Silent Disco

This news electrified the world: On January 6, 2021, a mob of armed people attacked the United States Capitol in an attempt to invalidate the results of the presidential election. How is it possible that one of the most anti-democratic events in recent years took place in a country that still functions in the mass consciousness as a guardian of democracy?

Charlie Sadoff in Against All Enemies presents the sources of this phenomenon and, more broadly, the increasing polarization of American society, which pushes many citizens towards extreme (and extremely dangerous) ideas. The work of Piotr Tarczyński and Łukasz Pawłowski, hosts of the Podkast amerykański, the most popular podcast in Poland devoted to American politics, history and social issues, resonates perfectly with Sadoff’s film. For years, Tarczyński and Pawłowski have been analyzing and pointing out the most important phenomena, trends and changes that may be the source of a new civil war in the United States (in a sense, already ongoing). Piotr Tarczyński also developed this thread in his book Decay. On non-democracy in America (we recommend an author’s meeting on November 11 at 7 p.m. at the Wrocław House of Literature).

After the screening of Against All Enemies on November 11 (Saturday) at 12:30 pm join us at a conversation with Charlie Sadoff, moderated by Piotr Tarczyński and Łukasz Pawłowski (hosts of Podkast Amerykański podcast) about drastic changes unfolding before our eyes and whether and what are the chances of stopping it.

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