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Life Itself

Dan Fogelman, USA 2018, 118’
Polish premiere
Leave No Trace The Seagull

Consisting of several novellas, this is the story of one family from New York and rural Spain whose fate is marked by numerous tragedies. The starting point for the story, however, is the key question "what would happen if?": if their parents had never met, if the accident had never happened, if someone had noticed the speeding bus in time. With the help of such questions, Fogelman's film draws attention to the fragility of human life and to the fact that important decisions shouldn't be put off because, in the end, it might be too late. This warm and touching film reminds us about what is important and enables us, for a time, to forget about meaningless trivialities. After the success of Danny Collins, the director is back with a star-studded cast to present another tale about family, the importance of strong bonds and the fact that one should never lose hope, although this time his work is a bit more melodramatic than his full-length debut. A reviewer from "CinemaBlend" wrote that the  witty, tender and curious structure of the narrative kept me engaged.

Magdalena Maksymiuk


Truly Moving Picture Award – Heartland Film 2018

Dan Fogelman

Dan Fogelman is an American screenwriter, producer and director originally from New Jersey and currently living in Los Angeles. He has written the screenplays for numerous films, including animated films CarsBolt and  Tangled, as well as the feature films Crazy Stupid Love and Last Vegas. He is also the creator of the series  This Is Us, which has been nominated for 11 Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. The screenplay for the film The Guilt Trip, starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, is based on a trip from New Jersey to Las Vegas that he once undertook with his own mother.


2003 Shit Happens (short)

2015 Idol / Danny Collins

2018 To właśnie życie / Life Itself

Cast & Crew

director Dan Fogelman
screenplay Dan Fogelman
cinematography Brett Pawlak
editing Julie Monroe
music Federico Jusid
cast Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Annette Bening, Mandy Patinkin, Antonio Banderas, Samuel L. Jackson
producer Glen Basner, Ben Browning, Alison Cohen, Adrian Guerra, Isaac Klausner, Milan Popelka
production FilmNation Entertainment, Nostromo Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment
sales United International Pictures
language English
coloration colour
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