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Ghostbox Cowboy

John Maringouin, USA 2018, 111’
European premiere
Friday’s Child Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

America is dead, says one of the film's supporting characters, a shady businessman who sees China as a new wild West, a place where you can earn big money in a short time. The action is set mainly in China, but the death of America can be seen in every frame (though China, with its far from sustainable development, doesn't come off much better). The main character, a Texan named Jimmy who is looking for an investor for his product, is the worst personification of this torpor. His idea for making millions is a device for communicating with ghosts. He mainly relies on his image, first as a cowboy and then as an American film star with straight teeth and an absurd blond wig. In China, he can exist only as a parody of an American. While there are numerous serious threads In Maringouin's film, Ghostbox Cowboy is, above all, a wild satire shot in a hypnotic style, featuring fantastic direction and editing. Despite the seeming chaos and mixing of styles, it forms a coherent whole and creates a penetrating image of loneliness in a post-industrial world.

Malwina Grochowska

John Maringouin

Born in New Orleans in 1973, John Maringouin is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. His unique, phantasmagoric style has brought him nominations for a Film Independent Spirit Award (for his documentary Running Stumbled)and for best cinematography at the Sundance festival (Big River Man). Ghostbox Cowboy is his directorial debut.


2004 Just Another Day in the Homeland (doc.)

2006 Running Stumbled (doc.)

2009 Big River Man (doc.)

2018 Ghostbox Cowboy

Cast & Crew

director John Maringouin
screenplay John Maringouin
cinematography Justin Donais, John Maringouin, Nate Slevin
editing Sean Gillane, John Maringouin
music Casey Wayne McAllister
cast David Zellner, Robert Longstreet
producer Molly Lynch, John Montague, Billy Peterson, George Rush
production Lightshow Films
sales Lightshow Films
language English, Cantonese, Mandarin
coloration colour
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