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The Great Pretender

Nathan Silver, USA 2018, 71’
European premiere
Jules of Light and Dark The Hate U Give

In this movie shot modestly with a reflex camera, a French woman living in New York is preparing for staging a play about her breakup. Aware it is going to be a painful experience she nonetheless wants to involve her ex in the process. She persuades him to meet the actress who is going to play her. At the same time she is falling for the actor playing the role of her boyfriend. In the end all four of them – actors and the actual couple enter into a complex relationship shown form various perspectives, as experienced by each protagonist of this drama. After all, there is no one truth for all, there are only subjective emotions. Silver's style: great dialogs, intimately-lit close-ups, and a story switching from one character to another may seem chaotic at first, proves to be a fully controlled in a perfectly wound-up ending. The Great Pretender becomes a witty take on an old Chechovian truth that arts imitates life. Or...was it vice versa?

Malwina Grochowska

Nathan Silver

Having directed eight full-length films, Silver is an honorable creator of American independent cinema. "The New Yorker" called him a modernistic master of melodrama. His films were presented at the festivals in Edinburgh, Vienna, at the Slamdance Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival and others. Silver usually combines improvisation and documentary techniques to portray his characters in an intimate and authentic way. The Great Pretender is his first film which had a traditional script before shooting.

Selected filmography

2014 Uncertain Terms

2015 Stinking Heaven

2016 Actor Martinez (co-dir.)

2018 The Great Pretender

Cast & Crew

director Nathan Silver
screenplay Jack Dunphy, Nathan Silver
cinematography Sean Price Williams
editing Jack Dunphy
music Seth Kaplan
cast Maëlle Poesy-Guichard, Keith Poulson, Esther Garrel, Linas Phillips
producer Danielle Eliav, Jere B. Ford, Matt Grady
production BRIC TV, Factory 25 Productions
sales Factory25
language English
coloration colour
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