Alt-Right: Age of Rage

Adam Bhala Lough, USA 2018, 104’
Polish premiere
Behind the Curve

Relatively recently, a short video from a National Policy Institute (NPI) conference caused a scandal around the world. One of the NPI's leaders ended his speech with the words "Hail Trump!" This was followed moments later by members of the crowd raising their arms in a salute. Trump has distanced himself from these people. The individual who initiated the Nazi greeting was Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, racist and populist and one of the protagonists in Adam Bhala Lough's film. On the other side is Daryl Lamont Jenkins, a black anti-fascist activist who will not rest until American racists are defeated. There is no mercy in this fight. All the more so since the nationalist movement in America has been getting stronger over the past decade. Alt-Right: Age of Rageis a chronicle of protests, resistance and the struggle to prevent pro-Nazi and neo-Nazi voices from reaching a wider audience. The impact of this fight will depend on American society, which at some point became a bit too comfortable.

Joanna Ostrowska

Adam Bhala Lough

Born in 1979, Adam Bhala Lough is a director, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. He made his first film as a 16-year-old. He made his full-length film debut at the age of 23 with Bomb the System, for which he won a Spirit Award for Best First Feature. In 2007, he was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival (Weapons). He has been making documentary films since 2008, including the controversial film  The Carter, which has been recognized as one of the most important music documentaries of all time. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Selected filmography

2001 Roundest Wheel (short)

2002 Bomb the System

2007 Weapons

2009 The Carter (doc)

2018 Skrajna prawica: czas gniewu / Alt-Right - Age of Rage (doc)

Cast & Crew

director Adam Bhala Lough
screenplay Adam Bhala Lough
cinematography Christopher Messina
editing Sven Pape
music Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Lacy MacAuley, Richard Spencer
producer Alex Needles, Michael Karbelnikoff
production Alldayeveryday
sales Gunpowder & Sky
language English
coloration colour
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