Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys

David Abel, USA 2018, 86’
European premiere
Give Us This Day Half the Picture

Over the decades it may have seemed that successive American governments literally treat the Bible verses about subduing the Earth, as they consequently allow for devastation of the natural environment on a large scale. Some may say that the government officials have finally come to their senses, others - that they bowed to the ecological lobby of lefties by legislating a new law aiming at restoring the natural ecosystem of the Everglades National Park. The park rangers and environmental experts appreciate the ban on driving airboats, which pollute and destroy, on the wetlands. However, not everyone shares that attitude. Space-alike vehicles looking like taken from the set of Mad Max have become a part of local community life and created a subculture of "born in Florida" cowboys. In his film David Abel is giving the voice to simple people, who do not understand why the way they have been earning their livings is now prohibited due to some federal government decision or why their children will not be allowed to follow their parents and explore waters full of alligators.

Katarzyna Boratyn


Knight Foundation Miami FF 2018 - Made in Miami Award

David Abel

A reporter of The Boston Globe, who has covered war, terrorism and natural environment. He has already won the Pulitzer prize and other journalist trophies: Edward R. Murrow Award, Ernie Pyle Award, Sigma Delta Chi Award. Abel is a co-director and a producer of Sacred Cod - a documentary on the collapse of fishing in New England, which had been iconic activity for this region for centuries. He also made two films about the Boston Marathon attacks.


2015 Little Person: Boston Strong

2016 Sacred Cod: The Fight for a New England Tradition

2017 Ostatni kowboje z mokradeł Everglades / Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys

Cast & Crew

director David Abel
screenplay David Abel, Andy Laub
cinematography Cassandra Keith, Trevor Green
editing Andy Laub
music Andy Laub
producer David Abel, Andy Laub
sales Bullfrog Films
language English
coloration colour
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