Behind the Curve

Daniel J. Clark, USA 2018, 96’
Polish premiere
Alt-Right: Age of Rage Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

The Earth is a sphere, right? Not everyone would agree. When Mark Sargent began his "flat Earth crusade," people treated him like he was nuts. A few months later, and his claims about a conspiracy involving scientists and politicians had become rather popular. And several years after that, Mark and other enthusiasts were organizing international conferences, collecting money for new research, conducting experiments and fighting for a presence in the mainstream media. At the same time, the idea of a NASA conspiracy has been bringing in more and more profits. Everyone wants to have their own model of a flat earth or a T-shirt with the words "Flat Earth Army" written on it. Behind the Curveis a chronicle of the development of the new community that was formed among believers in this narrative. Their theories are treated as the notions of madmen; for most scientists, they're unacceptable no matter how many people believe in them. The main theme in Daniel J. Clark's film is the elite's lack of respect for ordinary people. 

Joanna Ostrowska

Daniel J. Clark

Daniel J. Clark is a director, editor, cinematographer and sound engineer. In the world of film, he has done practically everything. He studied Sound Engineering at Ball State University, and he defended his master's thesis at Syracuse University in Television, Radio & Film. He is a fervent film enthusiast, and he plays the drums. His directorial debut,  Behind the Curve, premiered at the HotDocs Film Festival in 2018. Previously, he worked in advertising and television, including as an editor for the Netflix series Ugly Delicious.


2012 Tomorrow Maybe (short)

2014 Cowards (TV)

2015 Does Dave Know We're Here (TV Series - 5 episodes)

2018 Za horyzontem / Behind the Curve

Cast & Crew

director Daniel J. Clark
screenplay Daniel J. Clark
cinematography Daniel J. Clark
editing Nick Andert
cast Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere, Bob Knodel, Cami Knodel, Jeran Campanella
producer Caroline Clark, Nick Andert, Daniel J. Clark
production Delta-v Productions
sales The Film Sales Company
language English
coloration colour
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