Half the Picture

Amy Adrion, USA 2018, 94’
Polish premiere
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At film school, women wouldn't say out loud that they wanted to study direction. They would have been ridiculed right away, says Penelope Spheeris, director of the cult film Wayne's World, in Amy Adrion's documentary. Although many years have passed since the premiere of her best-known film, not much has changed. In Half the Picture, Jill Soloway, Miranda July, Lena Dunham and Ava DuVernay discuss their experiences, their mothers who taught them to be self-confident and the producers who demanded a guarantee that they would see naked breasts in their completed films. And they try to understand why they're aren't offered the same opportunities as men. When there's room for more stories told by women, we will gain heroines that I know from my own life, who are active and take initiative and don't simply react to what men do, Jessica Chastain said in Cannes. It's time to listen to her.

Marta Bałaga


Lighthouse IFF 2018 – Best Documentary; Sundance FF London 2018 – #WhatNext Prize

Amy Adrion

Amy Adrion is a director and producer. She lives in Los Angeles. She won a Directors Guild of America Award for her short film Shoegazer in 2010 .She studied at UCLA and Georgetown. She collaborated with Kevin Smith on the series  Sucks Less, which she also appeared in, as well as at the Oscars. Her documentary about directors, Half the Picture, featuring Ava DuVernay, Jill Soloway and Lena Dunham, was shown at the SXSW Festival and at Sundance.


2005 Surviving 7th Grade (short)

2007 The Home of Split Pea Soup (short)

2010 Shoegazer (short)

2018 Druga połowa kadru / Half the Picture

Cast & Crew

director Amy Adrion
screenplay Amy Adrion
cinematography Yamit Shimonovitz, Soraya Selene
editing Kate Hackett
music Laura Karpman
cast Jill Soloway, Martha Coolidge, Lena Dunham, Ava DuVernay, Catherine Hardwicke, Mary Haron
producer Amy Adrion, David Harris
production Leocadia Films
sales Leocadia Films
language English
coloration colour
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