Time for Ilhan

Norah Shapiro, USA 2018, 89’
Polish premiere
The Gospel of Eureka Warrior Women

How is it possible to become a member of the U.S. House of Representatives if you are black, a Muslim in a hijab, a mother of three and an immigrant from Somalia? The only person to know the answer is Ilhan Omar, a charismatic activist from Minnesota's Little Mogadishu. We follow her path in an election where she not only has to dethrone her white competitor, who has held his seat for 43 years, but also a Somali man who is taking votes away from her from among conservative Muslims. The protagonist in the film that The New York Times called one of the sparks of hope in the post-election darkness, emanates strength and  joie de vivre despite the difficulties she has both behind her and ahead of her. This is a film about the limits of the idealism of American politics, about the emotions involved in local elections and about one of many brave women who, step by step, are changing the situation of immigrants in the United States-and about sometimes having to agree with your husband that you'll be home late. Well, feminism does have its limits after all.

Adriana Prodeus


Provincetown IFF 2018 - Best Documentary

Norah Shapiro

Norah Shapiro is a director from Minneapolis who abandoned her legal career to make documentary films. She has won numerous fellowships, including a McKnight Artist Fellowship, as well as from the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota Filmmakers Legacy Fund. Her debut, Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile, premiered at the NYC DOC festival and won an award for the best documentary at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. She is currently making a documentary about the abduction and murder of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling from a village in Minnesota, which was only solved after 27 years.


2014 Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile

2016 Minnestota 13: From Grain to Glass

2018 Czas Ilhan / Time for Ilhan

Cast & Crew

director Norah Shapiro
screenplay Norah Shapiro
cinematography Chris Newberry
editing Jen Bradwell, Eli Olson
music Tom Scott
cast Ilhan Omar
producer Jennifer Steinman Sternin, Chris Newberry
production Time For Ilhan LLC
sales The Film Sales Company
language English
coloration colour
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