White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

Theo Love, USA 2018, 83’
Polish premiere
Warrior Women

Rule number one: take on an ordinary man and put him in an extraordinary situation. Give him a weakness, a dream and drive him into a corner so that he has no way out, other than across his own limits. And you have a great script. Theo Love did not have to write it because life did it for him. As a result, in White Tide, Rodney Hyden takes the fore among any characters that routinely appear in Hollywood action movies - as head of the family, a caring, naive entrepreneur from Florida who falls into debt during the 2008 economic crisis. If someone had shown him Bonnie and Clyde at that time he may have robbed a bank. Or, maybe not - because he is more parts dreamer than rebel of the small-town lifestyle. Rodney let himself be fooled by the vision of riches. There is a map, there is a legend, there is a black bag filled with two million dollars-worth of cocaine. Who wouldn't try to find it? Who, at least for a moment, wouldn't like to feel like Walter White from Breaking Bad?

Anna Bielak

Theo Love

Theo Love was born in the Malaysian city of Penang, but lives in Los Angeles. He gained fame among documentary film directors with the critically acclaimed PBS Independent Lens production  Little Hope Was ArsonWhite Tide: The Legend of Culebra, which was bought by Netflix, cemented Love's ranking on the global market.


2008 Dumping Darlene (short)

2011 Good News? (short)

2013 Little Hope Was Arson (doc.)

2018 Biała fala: legenda o kokainowej wyspie / White Tide: The Legend of Culebra (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Theo Love
screenplay Theo Love
cinematography Britton Foster
editing Theo Love
music Michael James Lee
cast Rodney Hyden, Danny Pardo, Bo Butterworth, Jamie Hyden, Emily Hyden
producer Theo Love, Bryan Storkel
production Sidestilt
sales Sidestilt
language English
coloration colour
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