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The Pain of Others

Penny Lane, USA 2018, 71’
Polish premiere
The Eyeslicer (episodes 8, 10)

Itchy skin, unsightly lesions, subcutaneous fibers, hair loss and loss of concentration-these are just some of the symptoms of Morgellons disease. There is some controversy about whether Morgellons is even a condition at all: some doctors say that it is simply a delusion that makes disturbed patients believe that there are insects crawling under their skin. The Pain of Others-American director Penny Lane's third full-length documentary-does not resolve the issue, but enables viewers to form their own opinion. Not by studying medical records, but by watching recordings posted online by people who believe that they are suffering from the illness. Are they trying to share knowledge about the disease or perhaps just looking for attention? The director compiles these recordings, focusing especially on the cases of Tasha, Carrie and Marcia. She creates a fascinating but frightening collage of people trapped in the hell of their own body. Or their mind.

Adam Kruk

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is an American director who has been making documentaries since 2002. After a series of successful short films such as Abortion Diaries , Men Seeking Women and The Commoners, she made her full-length debut with her 2013 film Our Nixon, which was shown at the festivals in Rotterdam and Seattle. Three years later, her next film, NUTS!, premiered at Sundance, as did The Pain of Others this year. Working mainly with found footage, the director points out that Penny Lane is her real name.


2005 Abortion Diaries (short)

2009 The Commoners (short)

2013 Our Nixon

2016 Nuts!

2018 Cierpienie innych / The Pain of Others

Cast & Crew

director Penny Lane
screenplay Penny Lane
editing Penny Lane, Eileen Kennedy, Nick Hasse
music Brian McOmber
producer Gabriel Sedwick
production Wishful Thinking LLC, Fandor, Chicken & Egg Pictures
sales Vtape
language English
coloration colour
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