South Mountain

Hilary Brougher, USA 2019, 85’
European premiere
Saint Frances The Giant

Like Pedro Almodóvar before her, the director Hilary Brougher takes a tender look at another woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown in a drama that was shown at the SXSW Festival. The protagonist is a teacher who suddenly finds herself living alone in a home that, until just recently, had been filled with people laughing and making noise at every step. After her children leave home and following the final departure of her husband, who, despite earlier betrayals, was constantly promising to mend his ways, Lila (Talia Balsam, known from the TV series Mad Men and Divorce) has a summer filled with big changes ahead of her—and despite her initial excitement, she doesn’t want them in the slightest, and attempts to hide the awkward truth from everyone for as long as possible. What do you want? asks her unfaithful spouse, whom, in a moment of weakness, she even tries to poison. I don't know, he hears in response. She slowly begins to understand that it is probably time for a change even if she has to make a few mistakes along the way—or even allow herself a summer of forgetting.

Marta Bałaga

Hilary Brougher

Hilary Brougher is a screenwriter and director residing in New York. She teaches at prestigious Columbia University. She made her debut in 1997 with the drama The Sticky Fingers of Time. Her second feature film, Stephanie Daley, starring Tilda Swinton and Amber Tamblyn, was an award winner at the Sundance Festival, and her latest film, South Mountain, premiered at SXSW. She is currently working on a documentary called Striper about the artist Jay Rosenblum, who died tragically.


1997 The Sticky Fingers of Time

2006 Przypadek Stephanie Daley / Stephanie Daley

2013 Innocence

2016 Wake O Wake (short)

2019 South Mountain

Cast & Crew

director Hilary Brougher
screenplay Hilary Brougher
cinematography Ethan Mass
editing Maria Rosenblum
music Herdís Stefánsdóttir
cast Talia Balsam, Scott Cohen, Andrus Nichols, Violet Rea, Michael Oberholtzer, Macaulee Rusnak Cassaday
producer Susan A. Stover, Maria Rosenblum, Kristin M. Frost
production Avernal Poole
sales Hilary Brougher
language English
coloration colour
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