Late Night

Nisha Ganatra, USA 2019, 102’
Polish premiere
Knives Out Marriage Story

Let’s imagine Devil Wears Prada set in a contemporary tv night show hosted by a darker and harsher Ellen DeGeneres or a female version of Jimmy Fallon if he was as nasty as Bill Maher. Add some cross-cultural conflict from The Big Sick – women fighting for power in Late Night are also of different backgrounds and races. What comes up is a super clever critique of deep ingrained sexism (practiced by both sexes) but also ageism and of course, well hidden, racism. Emma Thompson, playing the Late Night Show host is as great as Meryl Streep in Devil. Anne Hathaway’s role goes to a congenial Mindy Kaling (known for The Office which she wrote and starred). She also based the script for Late Night on her own experience of an ambitious Indian American starting a career in showbusiness and asked Nisha Gantara, another woman of Indian decent with lots of tv jobs in her portfolio, to direct, which adds authenticity to this subversive neo-feminist comedy.

Urszula Śniegowska

Nisha Ganatra

Nisha Ganatra was born in Vancouver, Canada, and raised in California in a traditional household. Ganatra is a graduate of the prestigious New York University (NYU) film school, where she studied with Martin Scorsese, Barbara Kopple, and Spike Lee. Chutney Popcorn was her feature film debut. Drummer in the seminal Brooklyn garage band, The Flying Guacamoles.

Selected filmography

1999 Chytney Popcorn

2003 Jadłodajnia / Fast Food High

2005 Ciasteczko / Cake

Cast & Crew

director Nisha Ganatra
screenplay Mindy Kaling
cinematography Matthew Clark
editing Eleanor Infante, David Rogers
music Lesley Barber
cast Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow, Hugh Dancy
producer Jillian Apfelbaum, Ben Browning, Mindy Kaling, Howard Klein
production 3Arts Entertainment
sales UIP/SONY
language English
coloration colour
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