Corporate Animals

Patrick Brice, USA 2019, 86’
Polish premiere
Brittany Runs a Marathon Give Me Liberty

What a great company! It produces edible cutlery, it’s concerned about the environment, and, above all, it cares about its people. Several employees travel to New Mexico for a team-building exercise in the charge of an emotionally unstable boss (Demi Moore), who loves repeating controversial theories such as The biggest muscle in the body is the brain. The trip quickly turns into a nightmare when an earthquake leaves the group trapped inside a cave. The dramatic situation should make them work together, but they start pointing fingers instead, and the company’s worst secrets come to light. And after a few days trapped in the cave, the key question is finally asked: Which one of them should they eat to survive? A provocative mix of very black comedy and survival horror. The director Patrick Brice (Creep) and the screenwriter Sam Bain (Four Lions, the TV series Babylon) are merciless—and they often go beyond the bounds of good taste—in their takedown of contemporary corporations and start-ups. And Demi Moore pokes fun at the role she played years ago in the vaunted thriller Disclosure.

Jakub Demiańczuk

Patrick Brice

Patrick Brice is an American director, screenwriter, and actor. He studied film and video at the California Institute of the Arts. He specializes in independent horror films. He earned recognition for his films Creep and Creep 2, which were written by Mark Duplass, who also starred in the films. Both parts won the best film award at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges. His films Creep and The Overnight screened at the AFF. Brice is currently working on a film for Netflix called There’s Someone Inside Your House, and he is also planning the third part of Creep.

Selected filmography

2014 Creep

2015 Szalona noc / The Overnight

2017 Creep 2

2017 Room 104 (serial TV, 5 odcinków)

2019 Corporate Animals

Cast & Crew

director Patrick Brice
screenplay Sam Bain
cinematography Tarin Anderson
editing Christopher Donlon
music Michael Yezerski
cast Jessica Williams, Karan Soni, Demi Moore, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Ed Helms
producer Jessica Calder, Keith Calder, Mike Falbo, Ed Helms
production Pacific Electric Picture Company, Protagonist Pictures, Snoot Entertainment
Polish distributor M2 Films
language English
coloration colour
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