She Dies Tomorrow

Amy Seimetz, USA 2019, 86’
Never Rarely Sometimes Always Sweet Thing

Amy moves into a new home, but she’s unable to get comfortable there. She wanders around from room to room, listens to the same recording of Mozart’s Requiem over and over again, and we get the feeling that something bad is about to happen ... And something bad does happen, in fact. When a concerned friend visits her that evening, Amy has something to tell her: she’s going to die the next day. Irrevocably and inevitably, it’s simply going to happen. What do you do with this information? How do you keep it from getting stuck in your head? In Amy Seimetz’s film, this painful thought is transmitted like a virus, and more and more people start facing a vision of their own death. Nobody’s safe, as if the very words “I’m going to die tomorrow” hit the most sensitive point in their hearts and minds. Everyone reacts differently—with fear, helplessness, a desire to escape, or confrontation—and everyone still has something to do. But time is running out. And although the film was made in 2018–2019, the fact that it is so apropos of the current situation is downright ominous. Let’s put it this way: if 2020 were a movie, it might be this movie.

Kaja Klimek

Amy Seimetz

Amy Seimetz is a producer, actress, director, screenwriter, and one of the most active figures in American independent cinema. As an actress, we know her from Joe Swanberg’s mumblecore films, but also from mainstream cinema (Alien: Covenant) and series that she has also directed. We saw her debut film, Sun Don’t Shine, at the American Film Festival in 2012. She Dies Tomorrow was filmed in her own home in collaboration with her best friends, including Kate Lyn Sheil, who plays the lead role.


2012 Zabójczy upał / Sun Don't Shine

2013 When We Lived in Miami (Short)

2016-2017 Dziewczyna z doświadczeniem / The Girlfriend Experience (series, 13 episodes)

2018 Atlanta (series, 2 episodes)

2019 Ona jutro umrze / She Dies Tomorrow

Cast & Crew

director Amy Seimetz
screenplay Amy Seimetz
cinematography Jay Keitel
editing Kate Brokaw
music Mondo Boys
cast Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Katie Aselton, Kentucker Audley, Chris Messina, Tunde Adebimpe, Jennifer Kim, Josh Lucas
producer Justin Benson, Gates Bradley, David Lawson Jr., Aaron Moorhead, Amy Seimetz
production Rustic Films
sales Charades/Neon
language English
coloration colour
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