In a Silent Way

Collin Levin, USA 2020, 93’
I Used to Go Here Materna

We’re making a film about jazz fusion, says—looking straight into the camera—Jazzen Goodman, a guitarist so fascinated by musical improvisation that he legally changed his name to sound more, um ... jazzy. The footage, however, is sluggish; more than anything, the camera records outbursts of frustration on the part of Jazzen, who feels that he is as brilliant as he is underrated. Until one day when he claims that he has only 30 days to live (as revealed to him in a dream) and that, during that time, he has to record an album that will prove his talent and allow him to become a permanent fixture in the annals of jazz. An eccentric mix of mockumentary, cinema verité, and a buddy film that was financed by a Kickstarter campaign (and was later lauded as part of the US in Progress program at last year’s American Film Festival). And, at the same time, it is an expression of genuine fascination with jazz (In a Silent Way is the title of one of Miles Davis’s albums) and of the belief that you can make your dreams come true outside a system where everything is decided by big money and corporations.

Jakub Demiańczuk

Collin Levin

Collin Levin is a writer and director from Los Angeles, California. He grew up going to film and T.V. sets which led to his love for movies. Always searching for a more honest experience in film, Collin found cinema-verite documentaries the likes of Allan King and Ross Mcelwee. This led to his first feature film   In A Silent Way, a dark comedy pho-documentary, executive produced by Jim Cummings and Ben Wiessner. 


2012 Henry (short)

2013 Avec amour (short)

2018 Franklin (short)

2018 In a Silent Way (short)

2020 In a Silent Way

Cast & Crew

director Collin Levin
screenplay Collin Levin, Nicolai Dorian, Nicholas Tuttle
cinematography Dylan Dugas
cast Nicolai Dorian, Kimball Farley, Kinshuk Sen, Jim Meskimen
producer Nicholas Tuttle
production It’s Casual Productions, Bionaut Films, Peanut Gallery Group, Vanishing Angle
sales It's Casual Productions
language English
coloration colour
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