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Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

Laura Fairrie, UK, USA 2021, 96’
Polish premiere
Julia Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Jackie Collins died in 2015. Only supposedly, because in Laura Fairrie's documentary from the Tribeca festival, her equally famous sister, Joan, claims Jackie has returned as a fly. The best-selling writer sporting leopard print clothes and huge hairspray-stiff hair proved all her life that girls can do anything, but first they have to work hard for it. She was a daughter ruthlessly compared to her more popular sister, a young wife stuck in an unhappy marriage, the partner of a man who appreciated her talent, and finally a wealthy author who was said to be underappreciated and read by everyone. She was adored by women who, for a moment, felt like the beautiful Lucky Santangelo from Collins’ most popular novels. She sat down at a typewriter in a bikini and convinced female fans, that casual sex can be fun, and that „falling in love is like falling under a giant truck without getting fatally injured.”

Marta Bałaga
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Laura Fairrie

Laura Fairrie is a British director. Her The Battle for Barking was awarded at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival in 2010. In Spiral she examined anti-Semitic tendencies in contemporary France while in the television documentary Hugh Grant: Taking on the Tabloids, shefollows the fight of a famous actor with the tabloids haunting him for years. Her latest film, dedicated to the popular writer Jackie Collins, showed at the Tribeca Festival, among others, where it received favorable reviews. 


2010 The Battle for Barking (doc.)

2012 Hugh Grant: Taking on the Tabloids (TV movie doc.)

2013 The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track (TV series doc.) (1 episode)

2017 Spiral (doc.)

2021 Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Laura Fairrie
screenplay Laura Fairrie
cinematography Lynda Hall
editing Joe Carey
music Mat Davidson
producer John Battsek, Lizzie Gillett
production AGC Studios, BBC Arts, CNN Films, Passion Pictures
sales AGC Studios
coloration colour
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