Karen Cinorre, USA 2021, 100’
Polish premiere
Audience award nominated film. Vote after the screening.
Ludi Poser

 A spiritually feminist story about the waitress Anie (Grace Van Patten), who suddenly travels to a parallel world, akin to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Her guides in the new reality are three female soldiers inhabiting an abandoned submarine. Like the mythical Sirens, they lure men only to bring them doom - they send out a mesmerizing mayday signal into the ocean and then take revenge for patriarchal violence. Karen Cinorre's full-length debut, premiered at this year's Sundance festival, is a film fairy tale about women's revolution, sisterhood and the liberation of fantasy. At the same time, it is an aesthetically tasteful performance in the style of Wes Anderson - a bit eccentric, combining different genres with panache and very captivating in its form. Wonderful cinematography by Sam Levy (Wendy and Lucy, Frances Ha, Lady Bird) and extraordinary costumes by Polish costume designer Aleksandra Staszko, known for her work on films like Cold War, Mr. Jones and Hyacinth, play important roles in building this feel.

Audience award nominated film. Please pick up a voting card on entering the screening and tear in a place marking your opinion and throw it into an assigned box after the screening (cards and boxes will be available at the theaters). The filmmakers have a chance of winning $10,000. 

Magdalena Bartczak

Karen Cinorre

Born in New York, Karen Cinorre is an American director, screenwriter and producer. She has made several short films and is currently working on her first documentary, The Last People. Produced after extensive preparations, Mayday, her full-length debut hit many international festivals, including Sundance, the Rotterdam IFF and the Catalan IFF in Sitges.

Selected filmography

1996   Speakeasy (short, co-dir.)

2010   Plume (short)

2016   Last Date (video short)

2021   Mayday

Cast & Crew

director Karen Cinorre
screenplay Karen Cinorre
cinematography Sam Levy
editing Nicholas Ramirez
music Colin Stetson
cast Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, Soko, Havana Rose Liu, Juliette Lewis, Théodore Pellerin, Zlatko Buric
producer Karen Cinorre, Jonah Disend, Lucas Joaquin, Sam Levy
production Complementary Colors, Magnolia Pictures, Queen's Army, Secret Engine
sales Magnolia Pictures
language English
coloration colour
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