A Love Song

Max Walker-Silverman, USA 2022, 81’
Emily the Criminal

The fabulous Dale Dickey and Wes Studi in a tender, subtle and timeless story of old love. A Love Song, set in wild and majestic Colorado, is about loneliness, finding each other and rekindling a flame so many years later.

Over the course of the film — a spare, unfussy indie of the Kelly Reichardt ilk, conceived by Colorado native Max Walker-Silverman — audiences spend a fair amount of time with Faye, most of it alone. She’s driven her trailer to an out-of-the-way campground and parked it beside a fishing hole, where it’s easy to catch Rocky Mountain lobsters and cook them up fresh. By day, Faye listens to the birdsong around her. At night, she looks to the stars in the clear sky above. But mostly, Faye waits. We can sense the nervous excitement anytime someone approaches. It’s there in the way she adjusts her shirt and touches her hair before opening the door. She’s not young, no longer beautiful, and yet, it’s near-impossible not to love her.

‘A Love Song’ Review: Dale Dickey Glows in This Tiny, Tender Sundance Discovery (

Max Walker-Silverman

He lives and works in rural Colorado where he grew up. A former community organiser and literary editor, he is an alumnus of the NYU graduate film programme. His short films have won a Support the Shorts Award at SXSW and the KODAK Vision Award as well as multiple National Board of Review student grants.  A Love Song is his debut feature film.


2017 Get Away (short)

2019 Lefty / Righty (short)

2020 Chuj Boys of Summer (short)

2022 A Love Song

Cast & Crew

director Max Walker-Silverman
screenplay Max Walker-Silverman
cinematography Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
editing Affonso Gonçalves, Max Walker-Silverman
music Ramzi Bashour
cast Dale Dickey, Wes Studi, Michelle Wilson
producer Jesse Hope, Dan Janvey, Max Walker-Silverman
production MacPac Entertainment, Fit Via Vi Film Productions, Cow Hip Films, Present Company, Dead End Pictures
sales Filmbank Media
language English
coloration colour
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