Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying

Parker Seaman, USA 2022, 78’
international premiere
Way Out Ahead of Us

Filmed in the spirit of Mark Duplass, Parker Seamans’s debut is a bittersweet road movie, a story about friendship, traveling through America and fulfilling dreams. Greenhorn actor Wes, who suffers from COVID-19, urges old friends from the advertising industry to visit and make the film he dreams of.

Heartfelt, hilarious, self-aware, & timely, Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Featuring committed performances by its three leads and a scene-stealing D’Arcy Carden, this DIY effort is a COVID movie that stresses the importance of laughter amidst crisis and chaos.

Tribeca Film Festival

Magdalena Bartczak

Parker Seaman

Parker Seaman’s previous work includes I’m Happy, I Promise (SXSW, 2020) and Dancer Boy (Vimeo Staff Pick), establishing a visual style comprised of mixed media and home video, telling stories that blur the line between fiction and reality. Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying is Parker's directorial debut.


2020 Trust the Bum (short)

2020 Dancer Boy (short)

2022 Wes Schlagenhauf umiera / Wes Schlagenhauf is Dying

Cast & Crew

director Parker Seaman
screenplay Parker Seaman, Devin Das
cinematography Tom Banks
editing Ian Skalski
music Koda, Vaaal
cast Parker Seaman, Devin Das, Wes Schlagenhauf, Aparna Nancherla, D'Arcy Carden, Mark Duplass
producer Trent Anderson, Devin Das, Adam Maffei, Parker Seaman
production Sticky Boy Pictures
sales Devin Das
language English
coloration colour
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