Saint Frances, dir. Alex Thompson

The winners of 10th American Film Festival announced!

9th US in Progress Winners Announced! AFF feature film submission extended while US in Progres submissions open

American Film Festival is coming to an end. During today's gala, the winners of the jubilee, 10th AFF have been announced. The directors of winning productions received prizes funded by BNY Mellon. 

As usual, it was the festival audience that decided about the awards by voting for their favorite films. The winner, Saint Frances directed by Alex Thompson, has been chosen out of 15 films from the Spectrum section.

Saint Frances is a funny and intelligent story of a thirty-year-old woman who’s on a life-turn. She becomes an au pair of a young, resolute girl named Frances, a daughter of a lesbian couple. Thompson’s debut is light and honest, and this combination has a provocative effect. The movie has already been awarded at SXSW and L.A. Outfest.

American Docs section contained 13 documentaries, out of which the audience awarded I Want My MTV (aka Biography: I Want My MTV) by Tyler Measom and Patrick Waldrop.

I Want My MTV is the most energetic documentary in this year’s program. The movie reconstructs the history of a famous music television — its development and transformation, up to the decision to give up music videos and focus on reality shows. The story is told by MTV founders, presenters and the artists they widely presented (Sting, Eurythmics and Tori Amos among them) and is enriched by the impressive amount of archival videos which make the movie a feast for the eyes and ears.

During the gala, this year’s Indie Star Awards were also received by Jan Van Hoy, the producer of American Honey and The Lighthouse, and by Mark Webber, the director and actor whose retrospective was part of this year’s AFF.

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