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Us in Progress and AFF guests on a city tour in Wroclaw

US in Progress 2023

2023 US in Progress Wroclaw participating projects:

  • Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point directed by Tyler Taormina, produced by Krista Minto, Rob Rice, Eric Berger, Kimberly Dai, Kevin Anton, Calogero Carucci, Jeremy Gardner, Tyler Taormina, and Michael Cera
  • Cold Wallet directed by Cutter Hodierne, produced by Benjamin Wiessner, John Hibey, and Cutter Hodierne
  • Familiar Touch directed by Sarah Friedland, produced by Matthew Thurm and Alexandra Byer 
  • Good One directed by India Donaldson produced by Graham Mason, Diana Irvine, Wilson Cameron, and Sarah Winshall  
  • Know Me directed by Edson Jean, produced by Ronald Baez 
  • Obex directed by Albert Birney, produced by Pete Ohs and Emma Hannaway
  • The Water is Always Warm directed by Morgan Krantz, produced by Adam Kersh and Greg Stewart 
  • We Strangers directed by Anu Valia, produced by Miranda Kahn, Olivia Wingate, Alex Bach, Zach Spicer, and Joy Jorgensen

Attending Polish Producers:

  • Kuba Kosma (Serce)
  • Barbara Palka (ATM Grupa)
  • Maciej Rzączyński (East Studio)
  • Stanisław Zaborowski (Silver Frame)
  • Paulina Derska 

For 2023 Awards Please See Here

US in Progress 2022

2022 US in Progress Wroclaw participating projects:

  • CrookedFinger directed by Julia Halperin and Jason Cortlund, produced by Julia Halperin and Todd Remis
  • Falling Stars directed and produced by Richard Karpala and Gabriel Bienczycki
  • Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time directed by Ben Hicks, produced by Liz Cardenas
  • LaRoy directed by Shane Atkinson, produced by Sebastien Aubert, Jeremie Guiraud and Caddy Vanasirikul
  • Mountains directed by Monica Sorelle, produced by Robert Colom
  • Playland directed by Georden West, produced by Russell Sheaffer, Danielle Cooper, Hannah McSwiggen
  • Summer Solstice directedby Noah Schamus, produced by Jess Zeidman, Jesse Miller, Arno Mokros, Noah Schamus
  • The Christmas Card directedby Lucy Kerr, produced by Fred Winkle, Megan Pickrell
  • Terra Inexpediti directed by Piotr Stasik, produced by Lena Tworkowska, Anna Sajewicz (LALA Films) PL
  • No Vuelvasdirected by Greg Karpiński, produced by Magdalena Kuczewska (DreamLake) PL
  • Above Earth directed by Andrzej Cichocki, produced by Olga Gaertner (Limes Avenue Films) PL
  • Hydra directed by Daria Onyshchenko, produced by Oleksandr Driz  (International Producer Center “For-Post”) series, UKR
  • Unspoken written by Zhanna Ozirna, Filip Syczyński, produced by Natalia Libet,  Dmytro Sukhanov (Toy Cinema) UKR, Anna Różalska (Match &Spark) PL, series
  • Chrysanthemum Day directed by Simon Mozgovyi, produced by Alex Chepiga, Artem Koliubaiev (Mainstream Picture) UKR          
  • The Happiness directed by Vladlen Odudenko, produced by Valentyn Vasyanovych (Arsenal films) UKR

For 2021 Awards please see here

US+Canada in Progress 2021

2021 US & Canada in Progress Wroclaw participating projects:

  • Jethica by Pete Ohs produced by Pete Ohs

  • Montreal Girls by Patricia Chica produced by Bahija Essoussi, Samuel Gagnon, Patricia Chica

  • Mother of Color by Dawn Jones Redstone produced by Tara Johnson-Medinger, Ashley Mellinger

  • Swallowed by Carter Smith produced by Noah Lang, Ross O'Connor, Carter Smith

  • Way Out Ahead of Us by Rob Rice produced by Matt Porterfield, Mark Staggs, Rui Xu, Rob Rice

  • You & I by Summer Shelton produced by Clayne Crawford, Todd Remis, Summer Shelton

  • Cryo by Piotr Matejkowski, produced by Agnieszka Chromicka (ChromaPRO/Cardel Entertainment) 

  • Moments Forever Faded by Artur Wyrzykowski, produced by Ludka Kierczak (Bold Humans)

  • The Future Is No Longer Quite What It Used To Be by Adam Barwiński, produced by Jacek Wasilewski (Narrative Impact)

  • Tiger by Bartosz Żmuda, produced by Przemek Miękinia (Before My Eyes)

For 2021 Awards please see here

US in Progress Wrocław 2020

2020 US in Progress Wroclaw participating projects:

  • Disfluency by Anna Baumgarten, prod. Danny Mooney, Elaine Hastings Edell, Anna Baumgarten, Jim Cummings (EP), Ben Wiessner (EP)

  • Have a Nice Life by Prashanth Kamalakanthan, prod. Artemis Shaw

  • Homebody by Joseph Sackett, prod. Joy Jorgensen

  • Kendra and Beth by Dean Peterson, prod. Reilly Myklebust, Dean Peterson

  • Ludi by Edson Jean, prod. Fabiola Rodriguez, Mark Pulaski

  • Superior by Erin Vassilopoulos, prod. Benjamin Cohen, Grant Curatola, Patrick Donovan

  • The Boardinghouse Reach by Geoff Marslett, prod. Meryem Ersoz, Geoff Marslett, Melodie Sisk, David Arquette (EP), Lily Gladstone (EP), Kiowa Gordon (EP), Bill Way (EP)

  • To The Moon by Scott Friend, prod. Cate Smierciak, Everett Hendler, Stephanie Randall, Gabe Wilson

  • We’re All Going to the World’s Fair by Jane Schoenbrun, prod. Sarah Winshall, Carlos Zozaya

  • Borderline by Katarzyna Rosłaniec, produced by Piotr Kobus, Agnieszka Drewno (Mañana)

  • How to Be Loved by Borys Lankosz, produced by Marcin Dorociński, Anna Świątek (Salto Films)

  • Unpaved by Mikael Lypinski, produced by Małgorzata Kozioł (Eastbeast), 

  • Uprisingby Youssef Ouarrak, produced by Dariusz Tokarz (Cave Wolf Pictures)

For 2020 Award please see here

US in Progress Wroclaw 2019

2019 US in Progress Wroclaw participating projects:

  • Aleph by Iva Radivojevic prod. Madeleine Molyneaux, Vilka Alfier, Iva Radivojevic 

  • In a Silent Way by Collin Levin, prod. Nicholas Tuttle, Jim Cummings, Ben Wiessner, Nicolai Dorian

  • My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To by Jonathan Cuartas, prod. Anthony Pedone, Kenny Riches, Ian Peterson, Jesse Brown

  • The Unknown Country by Morissa Maltz, prod. Laura Heberton, Lily Gladstone

  • Tiger Style! by Cory Santilli, prod. Kenneth Reynolds, Adam Carbone

  • Time Now by Spencer King, prod. Ziane Hamel, Grace Sin, Amy Berg

  • America in Your Footsteps by Łukasz Kowalski, Anna Tarnawska, prod.Łukasz Kowalski, Anna Mazerant

  • Lost Voice. Searching for Marcella Sembrich by Radka Franczak, prod. Daria Maślona, Stanisław Zaborowski, Katarzyna Ślesicka

  • Naked Coast by Michał Krzywicki, prod. Dagmara Brodziak, Michał Krzywicki

  • Turkey Hunting in Mississippi by Bianca Lucas, prod. Józefina Gocman, Bianca Lucas 

For 2019 Award info please see here

US in Progress Paris 2019

2019 US in Progress Paris participating projects:

  • Beast Beast by Danny Madden, prod. Matt Miller, Tara Ansley and Benjamin Wiessner

  • Before You See the Light by David Gutnik, prod. Liz Cardenas and Emily McEvoy (now: Materna)

  • Froth and Bubble by Cory Santilli, prod. Adam Kritzer and Chloë Levine

  • Giving Birth to a Butterfly by Theodore Schaefer, prod. Daryl Freimark

  • Lingua Franca by Isabel Sandoval, prod. Carlo Velayo and Jhett Tolentino

  • Slow Machine by Paul Felten and Joe Denardo, prod. Caroline von Kuhn, Alex Witherill and Shrihari Sathe

  • Sweet Thing by Alexandre Rockwell, prod. Kenan Baysal, Louis Anania and Haley Anderson

  • The Carnivores by Caleb Michael Johnson, prod. Ted Speaker and Thomas Fernandes

US in Progres Wrocław 2018

2018 US in Progress Wrocław participating projects:

  • Crestone by Marnie Ellen Hertzler
  • Initials S.G. by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia
  • Knives and Skin by Jennifer Reeder
  • Once Upon a River by Haroula Rose                                      
  • False Positive by Kasia Plazinska   
  • My Personal Jesus by Ewa Wikiel                 
  • Neon Tears by Karolina Bielawska
  • Sara by Jan Komasa          

US in Progress Paris 2018

  • 512 Hours with Marina Abromovic directed and produced by Giannina La Salvia and Adina Istrate, also produced by Giacomo Boeri
  • For Entertainment Purposes Only directed by Colin Healey, produced by Ian Bell, Dave Schachter, Mary Ashton Burgh, Mark Myers, Jessica Kingdon, Alex Megaro
  • Pahokee directed and produced by Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan, also produced by Maida Lynn
  • Sanzaru directed by Xia Magnus, produced by Alyssa Polk, Anthony Pedone, Kenny Riches
  • The Ghost Who Walks directed by Cody Stokes, produced by Daniel Gartner, Frank Mosley, David Johnson (EP)
  • The Plagiarists directed by Peter Parlow, produced by James N. Kienitz Wilkins and Paul Dallas
  • The Short History of the Long Road directed by Ani Simon-Kennedy, produced by Kishori Rajan
  • This Body, Too directed and produced by Arisleyda Dilone

US in Progress Wrocław 2017

  • Ghost Box Cowboy directed by John Maringouin, produced by George Rush and John Montague
  • One Man Dies a Million Times directed and produced by Jessica Oreck
  • Jules of Light and Dark directed by Daniel Laabs, produced by Jeff Walker and Judd Myers
  • Honky Kong directed by Stephen Gurewitz, produced by Nathan Silver

Polish Projects pitched:

  • Neon Tears by Karolina Bielawska,
  • Pilot 9/11 by Norman Leto,
  • A Film Odyssey by Piotr Stasik,
  • Lipstick on the Glass by Kuba Czekaj.

Additional Polish Participants:

  • Bartek Bartos (director, producer), Bounty, Manifiesta
  • Justyna Guziec (producer) , Maddy 12 and a Half, Last Moment Production
  • Magda Jaworska (producer), Safe Inside, Baboo Production
  • Malgorzata Koziol (producer), Pollywood/Desert Coffee/ Where is Anna/The Lonely Child, East Beast
  • Alessandro Leone (producer) Merry Devil’s Friend, Agresywna Banda
  • Laura Pawela (producer), Pink Horizon, Fundacja Komunikacja Kultury
  • Marta Szarzynska, Flesh, Bui Film
  • Malgorzata Wabinska, Sound Man / Diagnosis,  Entertain Pictures
  • Aleksandra Wojtaszek, Christmas Wish, touchFILMS
  • Artur Wyrzykowski, Gingers, Countless Amounts of the Brightest Colors, Artcore

US in Progress Paris 2017

  • Film: ABOUT A MOUNTAIN (Documentary)
Director: Lily Henderson
Producers: Keith Miller, Joey Carey, West McDowell
  • Film: HUMAN AFFAIRS (Drama)
Director: Charlie Birns
Producers: Krista Parris, Charlie Birns
  • Film: THE PERVERT (Drama)
Directors: Jack Dunphy, Nathan Silver
Producers: Matthew Ellison, Steven Hudosh, Nick Rafferty
Director: Christina Kallas
Producer: Allison Vanore
Director: Madeleine Olnek
Producers: Casper Andreas, Max Rifkind-Barron, Anna Margarita Albelo, Madeleine Olnek

US in Progress Wrocław 2016

FILM : 20 WEEKS (Drama) – 2nd feature film
DIRECTOR : Leena Pendharkar
PRODUCERS : Jane Kosek, Renuka Pullat

FILM : AN AMERICAN IN TEXAS (Coming of age) – 2nd feature film
DIRECTOR : Anthony Pedone
PRODUCERS : Bianca Butti, Anthony Pedone, Dan Levin, Kenny Riches, and Darko Lungulov

FILM : DESOLATION (Thriller) – 1st feature film
DIRECTOR : David Moscow
PRODUCERS : Gregory Thomas, Luke Edwards

FILM : LA BARRACUDA (Suspense) – 2nd feature film
DIRECTORS : Julia Halperin, Jason Cortlund
PRODUCERS : David Hartstein, Nancy Schafer

FILM : SAVAGE YOUTH (Drama)- 2nd feature
DIRECTOR : Michael Curtis Johnson
PRODUCERS : Michael Peluso, Charlene Lee, and Jenny Napier

DIRECTORS : Laura Davis, Jessica Kaye
PRODUCERS : Beatrice von Schwerin, Mark Webber, Steven Berger, Aengus James, and Colin Miller

DIRECTOR : Joshua Z.Weinstein
PRODUCERS : Alex Lipschultz, Traci Carlson, Joshua Z. Weinstein, Yoni Brook, Danny Finkelman, and Danelle Eliav

FILM : WESTERN WONDERLAND (Fairytale revenge western)- 1st feature film DIRECTOR : Reza Sixo Safai
PRODUCERS : Reza Sixo Safai, Malcolm Granath

US in Progress Paris 2016

FILM : CALIFORNIA DREAMS (Hybrid doc narrative) – 6th feature film
PRODUCERS : Nicole Arbusto, Alex Gioulakis, Heika Burnison

FILM : EASY LIVING (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Adam Keleman
PRODUCERS : Laura Wagner

FILM : EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS FAR AWAY (Pop-art sci-fi) – 1st feature film
DIRECTOR : Andrea Sisson and Pete Ohs
PRODUCERS : Saul Germaine, Andrea Sisson and Pete Ohs

FILM : OTTO – MY LIFE IS A SOUNDTRACK (Drama) – 1st feature FILM / Winner USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Margarita Jimeno
PRODUCERS : Margarita Jimeno, Andrew D. Corkin and Sol Bondy

FILM : ACADEMY (Documentary)
DIRECTOR : Brent Chesanek
PRODUCERS : Andrew D. Corkin and Andrew Renzi

FILM : WHIRLYBIRD (Documentary)
DIRECTOR : Matt Yoka
PRODUCERS : Steve Holmgren, Erin Lee Carr, Matt Radecki and Greg Lanesey

US in Progress Wrocław 2015

FILM : Actor Martinez (Comedy) – 1st co-directed feature FILM
DIRECTORS : Nathan Silver and Mike Ott
PRODUCERS : Britta Ericksson, Katie Shapiro, Heika Burnison

FILM : Alaska is a Drag (Dramedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Shaz Bennett
PRODUCERS : Melanie Miller, Diane Becker, Shaz Bennett

FILM :The Alchemist Cookbook (Drama) – 3rd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Joel Potrykus
PRODUCERS : Andrew D. Corkin, Bryan Reisberg, Joel Potrykus, Ashley Young

FILM : Americana (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Zachary Shedd
PRODUCERS : Daniel Patrick Carbone, Lisa Kjerulff, Matthew Petock

FILM : The Loner (Thriller) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Daniel Y-Li Grove
PRODUCERS : Seth Caplan, Reza Sixo Safai

FILM : It Had To Be You (Romantic Comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Sasha Gordon
PRODUCERS : Rachel Brenna, Benjamin Kruger, Richard Arlook, Levi Abrino, Victor Magro

US in Progress Paris 2015

FILM : Another Evil (Supernatural Comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Carson D. Mell
PRODUCERS : Riel Roch Decter & Sebastian Pardo (MEMORY)

FILM : Live Cargo (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Logan Sandler
PRODUCERS : Thymaya Payne & Mortimer Canepa

FILM : Diverge (Science-Fiction/Thriller) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : James Morrison
PRODUCERS : Noah Lang, Matthew Smaglik & David Mendel

FILM : AWOL (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Deb Shoval
PRODUCERS : Noah Lang, Matthew Smaglik & David Mendel

FILM : QUEEN OF GLORY (Comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Nana Mensah
PRODUCERS : Jamund Washington & Baff Akoto

FILM : PORTO MON AMOUR (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Gabe Klinger
PRODUCERS : Nicolas R. de la Mothe, Sonia Buchman & Rodrigo Areias

FILM : MA (Experimental) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Celia Rowlson-Hall
PRODUCERS : Riel Roch Decter & Sebastian Pardo (MEMORY

US in Progress Wrocław 2014

FILM : HOMEFRONT – 1st feature FILM – winner of award US in Progress Wroclaw
DIRECTOR : Sofia Rosenzweig, Tyler Walker and Fidel Ruiz-Healy
PRODUCERS : Tyler Walker and Fidel Ruiz-Healy

DIRECTOR : Matt Sobel
PRODUCERS : Matt Sobel

DIRECTOR : Nathan Silver
PRODUCERS : Rachel Wolther

DIRECTOR : Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
PRODUCERS : Robert Thomas, Laura Heberton

FILM : NAKOM – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Travis Pittman and Kelly Daniela Norris
PRODUCERS : Isaac Adakudugu

FILM : PANGEA (aka FLYCATCHER – 2nd feature FILM)
DIRECTOR : Malcolm Murray

US in Progress Paris 2014

FILM : Creative Control (Drama) – 2nd feature FILM/ Winner USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Benjamin Dickinson
PRODUCERS : Mark De Pace, Zachary Mortensen, Melody C. Roscher (Simon Killer), Craig Shilowich (Stand clear of the closing doors)

FILM : Automatic at Sea (Drama) – 2nd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Matthew Lessner
PRODUCERS : David Gerson

FILM : Eugenia & John (Drama) – 2nd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Hossein Keshavarz
PRODUCERS : Chad Burris (The Killer Inside Me), Amy Durning

FILM : Winning Dad (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Arthur Allen
PRODUCERS : Case Barden

US in Progress Wrocław 2013

FILM : LAKE LOS ANGELES (Drama) – 3rd feature FILM/ Winner USIP Wroclaw
PRODUCERS : Athina Rachel Tsangari

FILM : SUMMER OF BLOOD (comedy/horror)
DIRECTOR : Onur Tukel
PRODUCERS : Onur Tukel, Melodie Sisk, Clifford McCurdy, Matt Grady, Max Heller

FILM : SUN BELT EXPRESS (comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Evan Wolf Buxbaum
PRODUCERS : Noah Lang, Arun Kumar, Evan Wolf Buxbaum, Iyabo Boyd

FILM : WILD CANARIES (Comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Lawrence Levine
PRODUCERS : Kim Sherman, Sophia Takal

FILM : SOME BEASTS – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Cameron Nelson
PRODUCERS : Ashley Maynor

FILM : HAPPY BABY – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Stephen Elliott
PRODUCERS : Jessica Caldwell

US in Progress Paris 2013

FILM : 1982 (Drama) – 1st feature FILM/ Winner USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Tommy Oliver

FILM : BFE (Dramatic Comedy) – 1st feature FILM/ Special Mention USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Shawn Telford

FILM : PING PONG SUMMER (Comedy) – 3rd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Michael Tully
PRODUCERS : Brooke Bernard , Michael Gottwald, Billy Peterson, Ryan Zacarias

FILM : I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Leah Meyerhoff
PRODUCERS : Heather Rae (Frozen River, Black Eyes Dog)

FILM : CHILDREN (Drama) – 2nd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Jaffe Zinn

US in Progress Wrocław 2012

FILM : HIDE YOUR SMILING FACES (Drama) – 1st feature FILM/ Winner USIP Wroclaw
DIRECTOR : Daniel Carbone
PRODUCERS : Matthew Petock, Zachary Shedd, Jordan Bailey-Hoover

FILM : I USED TO BE DARKER (drama) – 3rd feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Matt Porterfield
PRODUCERS : Steve Holmgren & Ryan Zacharias

FILM : BLUEBIRD (drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Lance Edmands
PRODUCERS : Kyle Martin, Sundance Creative Producing Lab title

FILM : AMERICAN MILKSHAKE (Comedy) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : David Andalman & Mariko Munro
PRODUCERS : David Andalman & Mariko Munro

FILM : RUNOFF (aka CANTUCKEE – Drama) – 1st feature FILM
PRODUCER : Kurt Pitzer

FILM : A SONG STILL INSIDE (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Gregory Collins
PRODUCER : Patricia Beaury & Rodrigo Lopresti

US in Progress Paris 2012

FILM : A TEACHER (Drama) – 2nd feature film/ Winner USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Hannah Fidell
PRODUCERS : Kim Sherman (You’re Next, Wild Canaries, Sun Don’t Shine)

FILM : I AM I (Drama) – 1st feature film/ Special Mention USIP Paris
DIRECTOR : Jocelyn Towne
PRODUCERS : Cora Olson, Jennifer Dubin

FILM : HOUSE OF LAST THING (Fantasy/Thriller) – 3rd feature film
DIRECTOR : Michael Barlett
PRODUCERS : Jon Manning, Rene Berndt

FILM : DESERT CATHEDRAL (Drama) – 1st feature film
DIRECTOR : Travis Gutiérrez Senger
PRODUCERS : Michael MJ Mouncer, Chip Hourihan (Frozen River)

US in Progress Wrocław 2011 (then Gotham in Progress)

FILM : NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING (Drama) – 1st feature FILM/ Winner award USIP Wroclaw
DIRECTOR : Devyn Waitt
PRODUCERS : Nicole Emmanuele

FILM : NOW FORAGER (Drama) – 1st feature FILM/ Special mention USIP Wroclaw
DIRECTOR : Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin
PRODUCERS : Julia Halperin

FILM : STONES IN THE SUN (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : Patricia Benoit
PRODUCERS : Karin Chien & Ben Howe

FILM : SUN DON’T SHINE – 1st feaure FILM
DIRECTOR : Amy Seimetz
PRODUCERS : Kim Sherman

FILM : WHEN THE WORLD IS ON FIRE (Drama) – 1st feature FILM
DIRECTOR : James Clauer
PRODUCERS : Ryan Zacharias & John Maringouin (Running Stumbled, Big River Man)

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