Lina Plioplyte, USA 2023, 96’
European premiere
Nuclear Now Valley Pride

For centuries menstruation has been a taboo topic, often treated as something unclean and certainly shameful. Lina Plioplyte’s excellent documentary winds through the cultural and social history of this female experience examining its many facets while exposing stereotypes.

‘Periodical’ Trailer: SXSW Menstrual Cycle Documentary Features Naomi Watts, Gloria Steinem, Megan Rapinoe And More Tackling A Taboo Subject (Deadline)

Magdalena Bartczak

Lina Plioplyte

Born in Lithuania, Lina Plioplyte is a documentary film director and cinematographer who currently lives in New York. In 2008, she began directing commercials for "Nylon" magazine and various fashion brands. Three years later, she shot her first documentary, a short sketch of a fashion designer, The Guts of Duckie Brown. Lina took on a similar topic in her full-length debut, the acclaimed documentary Advanced Style (2014), about fashion-forward seniors. Her second feature-length documentary, Periodical, is enjoying a run at numerous festivals, including South by Southwest and Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.


2011 The Guts of Duckie Brown (short)

2014 Advanced Style

2016 Girls Who Rock (short, co-dir.)

2023 Film okresowy / Periodical 

Cast & Crew

director Lina Plioplyte
screenplay Lina Plioplyte
cinematography Bianca Cline, Evan Carter, Lauren Guiteras
editing Jessica Potter
music Melissa Chapman, Annie Pearlman
sound Dorielle Holly
cast Angel Shari Brown, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Watts, Chelsea Von Chaz, Anna Konkle, Kourtney Gleason, Kiran Gandhi
producer Pegah Farahmand, Amanda Spain, Bryn Mooser, Justin Lacob, Rashida Jones, Kathryn Everett
production NBCUniversal Media
language English
coloration colour
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