Silent Disco

New Civil War | conversation with Charlie Sadoff

Fact #1: shopping malls are rightful heroes of American culture – starting with the masterpieces of George A. Romero, ending with the entire season of “Stranger Things”.

Fact #2: dancing all night in a shopping mall – this is an event that no one dreamed of, but everyone needed.

Fact #3: this year, together with Galeria Dominikańska, we will make this dream come true. On November 8 (Wednesday), we invite you to the Silent Disco. There will be good music to dance to and equally good things to drink and eat, which will give us energy until the morning.

Who will play?
Three channels to choose from, run by DJ Kaczy, DJ Skipless and the world’s best American Film Festival volunteers under the direction of Kuba Mąka.

What to drink and eat?
A special bar with and without percentages, plus coffee and burgers (Max Premium Burgers open until 2:00 a.m.).

How to join Silent Disco?
Come to level +1 of Galeria Dominikańska, rotary entrance from Oławska Street. Time: November 8 from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Admission: PLN 25 or PLN 20 for holders of passes/accreditations or tickets from the 14th American Film Festival. Payment on site, cash only. To enter the event area, you must rent headphones (you will need an ID card for this purpose). Attention! The number of headphones is limited.

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