Beast Beast

Danny Madden, USA 2020, 85’

Three kids from a boring suburb somewhere in the American South. Nito, Adam, and Krista record their spectacular wipeouts on skateboard, learn how to create the perfect YouTube video, and perform onstage— individually, but only for a while, until their lives completely change. In his latest film, straight from the Sundance Festival, Madden gives us a look at contemporary teenagers: tapping on their knees to the rhythm of their conversations and struggling with well-known problems, sharing their last cigarettes, and furtively watching girls, but also fighting for new followers and unsuccessfully explaining to their skeptical parents, during yet another dinner in front of the TV, their plans to conquer the Internet—as in the case of Adam (Will Madden, the director’s younger brother), who is obsessed with weapons and the Second Amendment. That’s the American spirit, baby, says someone in the film, unaware that a foolish game can sometimes end in tragedy—even in a boring suburb somewhere in the American South.

Marta Bałaga

Danny Madden

Danny Madden is a director and sound engineer. He has collaborated with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, among others. Filmmaker Magazine included him among its 25 new faces of independent cinema in 2012, when his animation (Notes on) Biology won an award at SXSW. His short film Krista won an award at the same festival, and his second feature, Beast Beast, made it to Sundance. The actor Alec Baldwin was one of the film’s executive producers, and the director’s brother, Will Madden, appears in the cast.

Selected filmography

2008 Nowhere, But Here (short)

2013 Euphonia

2017 Frolic 'N Mae (short)

2018 Krista (short)

2020 Bestio, bestio / Beast Beast

Cast & Crew

director Danny Madden
screenplay Danny Madden
cinematography Kristian Zuniga
editing David Brundige, Pete Ohs, Mari Walker
music Danny Madden, Robert Allaire
cast Shirley Chen, Will Madden, Jose Angeles, Courtney Dietz, Daniel Rashid, Anissa Matlock
producer Benjamin Wiessner, Matt Miller, Tara Ansley
production Vanishing Angle, Arsonist’s Films, El Dorado Pictures
sales Vanishing Angle
language English
coloration colour
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