Mario Furloni, Kate McLean, USA 2020, 80’
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There has never been a more chill movie about drugs. Insane landscapes filled with fog, or perhaps a thick cloud of marijuana smoke—this is the home of Dev, a silver-haired hippie (Krisha Fairchild from Waves) still living in the utopia of the 1970s who employs young people on her farm, including Lily Gladstone from Certain Woman and First Cow. The legalization of pot marks the end of the libertarian dream. The commune is emptying out, as capitalism grabs the spoils of the counterculture. Smoking “God’s Pussy” is turning into a soulless business. Is it time to legalize cannabis but perhaps take away access to firearms? How will you be able to continue to dull the pain of existence? This quiet film, in the style of Kelly Reichardt, was shot on real cannabis farms that resemble a paradise where the rivers are clean, and the people are bathed in the light of the setting sun. This is the most personal film by two directors who started their career with the documentary Pot Country, about the complex relationships around people who both smoke weed and make a living off it in northern California. The subject is the difficulty involved in integrating alternative communities into a free market for drugs.

Adriana Prodeus


Nevada City FF 2020 – Best Narrative Feature; Sidewalk FF 2020 – Special Jury Recognition for Acting

Mario Furloni, Kate McLean

Kate McLean is a director and producer from San Francisco. Mario Furloni is a Brazilian cinematographer and director from Oakland. They both studied journalism at Berkeley and made the film Pot Country, about growing marijuana in California. Kate produces documentaries: We Are As Gods, about the counterculture icon Stewart Brand (SXSW 2020, HotDocs, SFFILM, CPH: DOX); and True Conviction for PBS, which was financed by Sundance, Tribeca, and the MacArthur Foundation. Mario was the cinematographer for After My Garden Grows (Sundance 2014) and The Return (2016 Tribeca Audience Award, 2016 San Francisco Golden Gate Award).

Selected filmography

2011 Pot Country (short doc.)

2020 Freeland

Cast & Crew

director Mario Furloni, Kate McLean
screenplay Mario Furloni, Kate McLean
cinematography Mario Furloni
editing Christopher Donlon, Sara Newens
music William Ryan Fritch
cast Lily Gladstone, Krisha Fairchild, Frank Mosley, Cameron Matthews, John Craven
producer Laura Heberton
production Big Tangent
sales Big Tangent
language English
coloration colour
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