The Evening Hour

Braden King, USA 2020, 114’
Slow Machine The Surrogate

Braden King adapts a novel by Carter Sickels in his new film, which shows yet another mining town on which time has taken its toll. Time has also taken its toll on Cole, who is ready to take on any job he can find. Although he enjoys caring for elderly, lonely people, his help is not always due to his kind heart, as he tries to make some extra money—discreetly—by buying the drugs that they don’t need. Nonetheless, it quickly becomes clear that there are plenty of people who would be only too happy to take over his business—not least because there are no better opportunities available. With the help of the outstanding cinematographer Declan Quinn, who was behind the camera as Nicolas Cage was Leaving Las Vegas, King shows us not just one man but an entire desperate community, a community still stubbornly stuck in a place that can be extraordinarily beautiful, while sometimes resembling the most ordinary hell—despite the fact that love for Jesus is loudly proclaimed on the baseball caps worn around town.

Marta Bałaga

Braden King

Born in 1971, Braden King is a director, photographer, and visual artist. He has collaborated with musicians such as Glen Hansard and Sonic Youth, while his documentary Homeland: The Story of the Lark told us about Laurie Anderson. His first full-length film, Here, starring Peter Coyote and Ben Foster, won awards at Sundance and Berlin, and the accompanying installation Here [The Story Sleeps] ended up at MoMa. The Evening Hour, based on a novel by Carter Sickels, was shown in Rotterdam.


2008 Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back

2009 Home Movie (short)

2011 Tylko tu / Here

2017 National Disintegrations (short)

2020 Godzina zmierzchu / The Evening Hour

Cast & Crew

director Braden King
screenplay Elizabeth Palmore
cinematography Declan Quinn
editing Andrew Hafitz, Joseph Krings
music Boxhead Ensemble, Michael Krassner, Tim Rutili
cast Philip Ettinger, Cosmo Jarvis, Stacy Martin, Kerry Bishé, Lili Taylor, Marc Menchaca
producer Lucas Joaquin, Braden King, Tom Skapars, Derrick Tseng, Tim White
production Secret Engine, Star Thrower Entertainment, Truckstop Media, Washington Square Films
sales Film Constellation
language English
coloration colour
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