Giants Being Lonely

Grear Patterson, USA 2020, 81’
Fully Realised Humans I Used to Go Here

Bobby (Jack Irving) is the star pitcher for a high school baseball team named the Giants. Success in the sport is his ticket to a future beyond his small town in North Carolina. Meanwhile, his teammate Adam (Ben Irving, who has the good looks of a young Heath Ledger) is having problems at home, and he has a crush on a rich girl named Caroline (Lily Gavin), who happens to like both him and Bobby. The mythical prom is approaching ... The film shows teens not only playing baseball but also studying, swimming in a lake, going on dates—this is a world we know well from American TV series for teens. In the artist Grear Patterson’s debut film, however, the portrayal of adolescent life is more genuine. We see the protagonists’ boredom and loneliness; there’s domestic violence, as well as intergenerational romance. Beautifully captured by the cinematographer Hunter Zimny and wrapped in romantic music, the film re-creates the bittersweet mood of growing up in America’s Deep South.

Adam Kruk

Grear Patterson

Grear Patterson is an American artist who makes paintings, installations, and films. He was born in 1988 in the town of Redding, Connecticut, where he grew up in a home with an artistic tradition. He received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, which is also where he had his first solo exhibition, Nowhere Fast (Gloria Naftali Project Space, 2012). In 2013, he had an acting role in Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto. He made his full-length debut at the festival in Venice last year with Giants Being Lonely. He lives in the Bronx and in Barcelona.


2019 Samotność Gigantów / Giants Being Lonely

Cast & Crew

director Grear Patterson
screenplay Grear Patterson
cinematography Hunter Zimny
editing Ismael de Diego
music Ben Morsberger
cast Jack Irving, Ben Irving, Lily Gavin, Gabe Fazio, Amalia Culp
producer Olmo Schnabel
production ROD3O
sales Wild Bunch
language English
coloration colour
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