A Shape of Things to Come

Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki, USA 2020, 83’
Polish premiere

Aging Sundog looks like a cross between a hippie and a cowboy as stalks through the wilderness with a rifle, when he suddenly stops, kneels, takes aim - and fires. Moments later, we see him urinating as the boar he hunted dies on the ground, shivering and kicking. This is the life of our protagonist: harsh and ruthless, but also full of anarchist freedom. The camera follows this hermit faithfully in his daily activities, allowing you to get immersed in his world. Instead of a conventional documentary narrative, we get a series of reporter-like impressions, accompanied by both deafening and hypnotic field recordings. The minimalist form provokes reflection on the figure of Sundog - is he a romantic, longing for a primitive past, or the prototype of a new kind of man that will emerge after the collapse of civilization?

Piotr Mirski

Lisa Malloy

The Shape of Things to Come is Lisa Malloy's directorial debut. While working on the film, she also handled the cinematography, film editing and sound.


2020 Kształt rzeczy przyszłych / A Shape of Things to Come (doc., co-dir.)

J.P. Sniadecki

Born in Michigan, J.P. Sniadecki is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist who holds a PhD from Harvard. His films have been shown at festivals in Berlin, Locarno and New York, as well as at MoMa and the Guggenheim Museum. Sniadecki lectures at the University of the Northwest and splits his time between the United States and China.

Selected filmography

2012 People's Park (doc., co-dir.)

2013 Yumen (doc., co-dir.)

2014 Chiny na szynach / The Iron Ministry (doc.)

2017 El mar la mar (doc.)

2020 Kształt rzeczy przyszłych / A Shape of Things to Come (doc., co-dir.)

Cast & Crew

director Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
screenplay Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
cinematography Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
editing Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
sound Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
producer J.P. Sniadecki
production Rivers and Lakes Productions LLC
sales Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki
language English
coloration colour
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