Wednesday at the festival: 39 screenings, 9 Q&As, and Romanski masterclass

14. American Film Festival: here we go! Thursday at the Festival: 40 screenings, 11 Q&As, and masterclass by Perry

The second day of the festival is a time of heightened bloom with as many as 39 screenings scheduled at the New Horizons Cinema. We’re also rolling out the Q&A sessions today, featuring 8 guests participating in talks following selected screenings, including Adele Romanski, who will lead a masterclass after the 4:45 PM screening of Aftersun

To wrap up Wednesday (and usher in Thursday), we’re transforming Galeria Dominikańska into Wrocław’s largest dance floor: the festival’s Silent Disco will kick off at 11:00 PM.

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Meetings and Q&As

  • 9:30 AM, Her Smell, dir. Alex Ross Perry
    guest: Alex Ross Perry
  • 6:30 PM, Family Portrait, dir. Lucky Kerr
    guests: Megan Pickrell (producer), Rob Rice (directorial advisor, co-producer)
  • 6:45 PM, The Sweet East, dir. Sean Price Williams
    guests: Alex Ross Perry (producer), Nick Pinkerton (writer)
  • 10:30 PM, Falling Stars, dir. Gabriel Bienczycki, Richard Karpala
    guest: Richard Karpala

Masterclass with Adele Romanski

Have we written about it in the lead? Yes, we have. Have we mentioned it in our list of meetings? Indeed, we have. But we’re so looking forward to this event, that we’ll write about it in a separate paragraph, just to be sure you don’t miss it. Adele Romanski, this year’s Indie Star Award recipient (along with Alex Ross Perry), an accomplished producer and Oscar winner for Moonlight, will delve into the intricacies of her work during a masterclass today following the 4:45 PM screening of Aftersun. You are most cordially invited!

Silent Disco at Galeria Dominikańska

A shopping mall is an indisputable icon of American (pop)culture (no debates here, as it’s a scientific fact). Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to a new addition to AFF’s program: Silent Disco in the space of Galeria Dominikańska (Domnikański Square, level +1, main entrance from Max Premium Burgers). We’ll kick off at 11:00 PM, dancing until 4:00 AM. You’ll have the option to choose from three channels, taken over by DJ Kaczy, DJ Skipless, and the world’s best American Film Festival volunteers under the baton of Kuba Mąka. The event will also feature a special bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, along with coffee and burgers (Max Premium Burgers open until 2:00 AM). Admission: 25 PLN or 20 PLN for pass/accreditation or festival film ticket holders. Payments are accepted on-site, cash only. To join the fun, you’ll need to rent headphones (an ID will be required for this). Please be aware that the number of headphones is limited.

Aff-ter parties

Make After Parties Great Again! It’s not an empty promise for us! After a day of exploring all states of cinema, join us for enjoyable ‘Aff-ters’ at Recepcja and DOBRO bars located in the most beautiful courtyard of Wroclaw – the neon-lit space at 46a Ruska Street, literally a couple blocks down Sw. Antoniego Street down from the New Horizons Cinema. Regardless of the weather, you’ll experience California sun there: good drinks at the bar, good music, and a dance floor set for late-night partying. Plus: trivia quizzes compiled by our partner organizations. Ticket and pass holders get 10% off at the bars.

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Promos, discounts, specials, or recommended places

We compiled a list of recommended places – cafes, restaurants, and bistros – where you can satiate your (non-film) cravings and thirst. Most of these venues offer special discounts when you present your pass or festival ticket for the day.

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Sneek peek: festival Thursday

What’s in store for us tomorrow? In short: everything, everywhere, all at once. And that’s what we love most about the festival! On festival Thursday, we invite you to 11 meetings, including a masterclass with Alex Ross Perry (paired with a surprise screening; starting at 7:00 PM). Later in the evening, you can revel in musical delights at the Recepcja club, courtesy of czubakaczor.

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