Days of Heaven, dir. Terrence Malick

Friday at the Festival: 43 screenings, 11 Q&As, and a discussion

Thursday at the Festival: 40 screenings, 11 Q&As, and masterclass by Perry Saturday at the Festival: 44 screenings and 12 meetings

At the American Film Festival, we bridge tradition and modernity, celebrating classics and embracing new trends. From the timeless Robert Altman to the eternally vibrant Richard Gere, we not only showcase all states of cinema, but also foster intergenerational cinematic dialogue. On Festival Friday, we encourage you to follow the footsteps of classic maestros, including Altman’s retrospective, a review of Billops and Hatch’s films, and Man Ray’s gems, all while staying attuned to the pulse of modern times. We especially recommend the screening of Breaking the Game followed by a discussion at 12:45 PM.

You can choose from as many as 43 screenings and 11 Q&As with festival guests today. Don’t miss the conversation with Katarzyna Figura, who will talk about her collaboration with Robert Altman, after the screening of Ready to Wear (Prêt-à-Porter) at 3:00 PM. We also invite you to the world premiere of Crookedfinger by Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin at 9:00 PM.

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Meetings and Q&As

  • 12:45 PM, Break the Game, dir. Jane M. Wagner
    panel discussion with the participation of Radek Pisula and Borys Nieśpielak
  • 1:00 PM, Family Portrait, dir. Lucy Kerr
    guests: Megan Pickrell (producer), Rob Rice (directorial advisor, co-producer)
  • 1:15 PM, Chasing Chasing Amy, dir. Sav Rodgers
    guests: Matthew C. Mills (producer), Clare Bateman-King (associate producer)
  • 3:30 PM, LaRoy, dir. Shane Atkinson
    guest: Shane Atkinson
  • 6:45 PM, Maestra, dir. Maggie Contreras
    guests: Anna Sułkowska-Migoń (protagonist), Charity Wakefield (producer)
  • 9:00 PM, Crookedfinger, dir. Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin (world premiere)
    guests: Julia Halperin i Todd Remis (producer)
  • 10:00 PM, Ex-Husbands, dir. Noah Pritzker
    guest: Noah Pritzker

Gaming culture | discussion after Break the Game

Video games have transcended their status as a niche form of entertainment for children, evolving into a full-fledged element of contemporary culture and art. They appeal to an increasingly wider audience and play an important role in creating online and offline communities. Break the Game shows the complexities of this phenomenon, the journey to gaming stardom with thousands of followers, as well as the pitfalls that can lead to an instant loss of fans for reasons that may not necessarily impact one’s online presentation. After today’s screening of Break the Game (12:45 PM), you are welcome to join us for a talk about contemporary gaming culture, online toxicity, the intricacies of building a virtual image, and fan communities. The meeting will be hosted by Radek Pisula – a pop culture and cinema expert, creator of the multimedia project Full Frontal Pisula, co-host of the Napisy końcowe podcast, and one of the players on the Spalmy To! channel. Joining him will be Borys Nieśpielak – co-host of the Rock i Borys podcast, filmmaker, documentarian, photographer, and film connoisseur.

Aff-ter Parties | Recepcja and DOBRO

After a day spent in a theater chair, it’s crucial to take care of your health with some proper exercise. Later in the evening, we invite you to Aff-ter Parties, where the warm-up takes the form of dancing. We’ll meet you at Recepcja and DOBRO clubs, situated in the neon-lit space at 46a Ruska Street, right next to the New Horizons Cinema. From 9:00 PM, Spisek Jednego and Teskko will be behind the console at Recepcja. All those with tickets, passes or accreditations on hand will receive a 10% discount at the bars.

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We compiled a list of recommended places – cafes, restaurants, and bistros – where you can satiate your (non-film) cravings and thirst. Most of these venues offer special discounts when you present your pass or festival ticket for the day.

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